American Officer’s Personal Chest

We often use our free-time on the weekends to go to antique stores to search for items to put into our collection, and this past weekend was no exception.  We were able to secure a trunk which would’ve held an officer’s personal items.  This chest is in very good shape, and the muslin cloth that lines that interior of the chest is still completely in-tact.  There are some minor chips on the outside, but it still feels pretty strong for being one-hundred years old.

This chest is named to Lieutenant Charles W. Parrott of the 332nd Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division, A.E.F.  The 332nd Infantry Regiment was the only regiment to go to Italy during the war, and fought with the Italians against the Austro-Hungarians.  Interestingly, he was discharged from the army as a Captain, so he was promoted sometime during the war.  We’re currently looking to see if we can find some more information about his service.

Parrott's Service Record.
Parrott’s service record from the roster of all Ohio soldiers that served in the war (this book is available at Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio).

What follows are the various photographs taken of the trunk.  The ‘P’ insignia denotes that the luggage is personal, and not U.S. Army property, but we’re not one-hundred per cent sure.  Clicking on an image will give you a better view.

Believe it or not, we spotted this on Craigslist.  It was at a thrift-store in Dayton called The Corner Cupboard.  It is run by ‘legacy volunteers,’ which are the children of volunteers to the store from prior generations.  The people there are very nice and genuinely care for the people they’re helping.

We didn’t know that we would also be taking a trip to Turkey today. But, at the Pasha Grill in Greene, we did exactly that.  This restaurant serves traditional Turkish food such as kebabs.  The food is absolutely fantastic, and wasn’t spicy as I had expected.  They also have gluten-free options (in fact, most of their menu was gluten-free).  I must recommend the Köfte Kebab and the Lamb Adana Kebab.  Finally, the prices were very reasonable, especially for the quality of the food.