Since this site is new, and since neither of us have any experience in blogging, we’d love to have your feedback on this site!  We’d like you to constructively criticize our blog and our posts (including photographs, if applicable) and let us know what we’re good at doing and what we’re lacking in.  You criticisms will remain anonymous, and you don’t need to worry about hurting our feelings: we’d rather provide more entertaining content than save our feelings.

Some things to give us feedback on (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Writing style: Do we do a good job in articulating clearly?  Do we do a good job including necessary information and details?  Are our posts entertaining?
  • Post length: Do we do a good job in the length of posts?  Should they be shorter or longer?
  • Post frequency: Do we post too often?  Not enough?
  • Photographs and pictures: Do we include enough images?  Are these edited well?  Are they included in the right positions of our posts?
  • Tags: Do we do a good job of organizing our posts via tags?  Should we add another system of organization?
  • Design: Do the fonts and theme of our blog enable you to easily read our posts?  In other words, is the site easily readable?
  • Site functionality: Is our site easy to use and navigate?


Please use the following form to send us your criticisms.

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In this field, tell us the type of criticism you're giving. For example, if you wanted to critique our post content, enter 'Post Content' in this field. If you have multiple areas of criticism, separate them.
In this field, please try to describe your grievances as best as possible. The better you describe what you would like to see put into place, the better we can achieve it. Not that we need to mention it, but please be respectful.